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Petrobras terminal under construction, located in the Port of Santos, will receive investments in excess of R$ 620 million and will offer 12 thousand jobs

Terminal in the Port of Santos, which will generate thousands of jobs, was acquired at auction and is part of the Strategic Plan […]

PER April 7, 2022 5:10 pm

Granel Química makes a million-dollar investment to increase the storage capacity of its logistics terminal in Maranhão

Granel Química, belonging to a Norwegian group, invests more than R$ 80 million to expand its logistics terminal […]

PER March 20, 2022 6:36 pm

For US$ 102 million, Petrobras closes contract to lease the LNG terminal in Bahia

Petrobras explains that the lease agreement for the LNG terminal, in the state of Bahia, is valid until December […]

PER September 30, 2021 3:29 pm

Port Terminal – Ministry of Infrastructure foresees investment of R$ 106 million in concession contracts for three terminals

According to the Ministry of Infrastructure, concessions at the port terminal in the states of Amapá, Ceará and Bahia can generate […]

PER August 16, 2021 12:32 pm

Santa Catarina will be able to stand out in the natural gas sector with the construction of a new LNG terminal. Thousands of jobs could be opened

The state of Santa Catarina will be a major highlight in liquefied natural gas with the construction of the new terminal, which will receive […]

PER August 2, 2021 3:06 pm

Port terminals in Paraná receive investments of R$ 11 million to fight Covid-19

Structure to combat Covid-19 is complete at the port terminals of Paraná This Thursday (25), the structure to combat Covid-19 […]

PER March 26, 2021 12:15 pm

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