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Can privatization of state-owned companies be reversed in Brazil if Lula is elected?

Privatizations of public companies are at the center of the political debate in Brazil. On the one hand, neoliberalists who […]

PER March 21, 2022 11:27 am

Privatization of ports initiated. Public notice for the Codesa auction published today by BNDES. understand the situation

The BNDES published, this Friday, the public notice for the Codesa auction, opening the season for the privatization of the ports […]

PER January 21, 2022 4:41 pm

According to Petrobras employees' union, the state of strike against privatization was approved by the majority of the oil category, in assemblies held until 12/22 throughout Brazil

Unions of Petrobras employees prepare to go on strike against privatization of the oil company The Unique Federation of Oil Workers […]

PER December 23, 2021 5:21 pm

2021 privatizations should start generating jobs in 2022; Ministry of Infrastructure believes that up to 2.9 million jobs will be created in the country

Brazil must continue to privatize companies in search of investments and job creation in the short, medium and long term The […]

PER April 17, 2021 3:01 pm

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