Start Suape Shipyard delivers the highest value-added ship produced in Brazil

Suape Shipyard delivers the highest value-added ship produced in Brazil

May 2, 2018 10:05 am to 10:05 am
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Skandi Recife shipyard naval works

The Naval Pole of the Suape Port Industrial Complex delivered another ship built in Pernambuco. Governor Paulo Câmara and the president of Suape, Marcos Baptista, were on Friday afternoon (4/27) at Vard Promar Shipyard to participate in the delivery ceremony of the ship Skandi Recife, the highest added value vessel ever built in Brazil. with high technology and which was built by the 1,100 Pernambuco shipyard workers.

The PLSV (Pipe Laying Support Vessel) type vessel received R$ 1 billion investment. The vessel has state-of-the-art technology and high precision, in addition to a dynamic operating system that leaves it stationary at sea even with the incidence of currents and winds. The ship also has a tower with a capacity of 340 tons for launching flexible lines that connect the wells to the oil production lines. The Skandi Recife is the first vessel of this type produced by Vard Promar.

With 140 meters long and 28 meters wide, the Skandi Recife was delivered to the company Dofcon Navegação, which will grant the vessel to Petrobras for eight years. The delivery was celebrated by the senior vice president of Brazil at Grupo Vard, Guilherme Coelho. Proud, the executive said that nowhere in Brazil is capable of building the ship that Vard workers have completed.

I had the opportunity to see this shipyard born here in Pernambuco and start this story of Vard Promar, which today delivers a high-tech ship made on Pernambuco soil and by Pernambuco people. I know the importance of this naval industry for Pernambuco, how it attracts jobs, with it it makes a difference in the lives of so many people. And we know that the workforce that is dedicated, every day, to making and building ships for the Vard Promar group is made up of people from Pernambuco who studied and trained and, today, are ready and prepared for an increasingly competitive and making ships that have reached an international standard”, stated Governor Paulo Câmara.

“The shipping industry in Pernambuco generates almost five thousand direct jobs and makes each one of us Brazilians proud. We all need to work so that this industry continues to generate employment and wealth for our country”, stated Marcos Baptista. The Skandi Recife is the fourth ship delivered by Vard Promar. The previous three were of the gaseous type. Two other vessels are being finalized and should be delivered later this year, another PLSV and a gas tanker.

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