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Insatiable Statoil licenses 5 more oil wells

Paulo Nogueira
09-04-2018 10:58:32
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Following Shell's steps to increase its service portfolio in Brazil, Statoil does not forgive and increases its presence in the Brazilian oil and gas market.

Statoil without any doubt, it will be one of the great companies operating in the Brazilian oil and gas segment. Its acquisitions and participation in oil auctions leave no doubt in this regard. It has been taking assets and wells in several of our sedimentary basins, together with Shell and Exxon Mobile. Despite the name “Statoil” being strong in the market, it ended up changing to “Equinor”, due to its expansion of new areas of operation of the company.

Last week, Statoil started the environmental licensing of 5 wells in the pre-salt region in the North of Carcará, in a concession to share the 2nd pre-salt auctions in 2017 and the base of the company's logistics operations will be in Niterói - RJ, at the base of Brasco. To give you an idea, if you want the company to wait for the seismic surveys in the area to be sure of the geological potential, this was the strategy adopted by Shell, otherwise, “the government could grow its eye” and increase fees or taxes of these assets if the seismic surveys reveal a greater potential than those offered in the auctions.

Statoil is currently drilling in the exploratory block BM-S-8 at this time in Carcará with operations scheduled for 4 years. Seadrill signed with the company and will use the West Saturn rig to drill in some of these assets for testing, if all is successful, it will use this offshore unit for 6 more wells over the course of these contract years. There are a few of our followers working on this rig, check out some of them in this Seadrill recruitment story.

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