Start Lula will be at Comperj on Thursday in an act for the resumption of works

Lula will be at Comperj on Thursday in an act for the resumption of works

December 4, 2017 5:10 am to 5:10 am
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Lula will be at Comperj on Thursday in an act for the resumption of works

In order to protest and demand the resumption of works at Comperj at the beginning of 2018, Lula will be in Itaboraí in a caravan through RJ

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Comperj was initially conceived to be the biggest Petrobras project and the biggest petrochemical company in Rio de Janeiro, but for obvious reasons, the company was forced to interrupt the works in 2014, even almost finished, with only 15% remaining to complete it with investments that exceeded 54 billion reais. In order to denounce the abandonment of the enterprise and how bad it can be for the people of Rio de Janeiro, the former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will be at Comperj, in the city of Itaboraí on Thursday in its pre-election campaign in Rio.

Lula saying that he is in charge of Petrobras

Due to the Lava Jato operations and the bad repercussion it was causing, Petrobras decided to stop the works. According to José Maria Rangel, who is the chief coordinator of the FUP (Single Federation of Oil Workers), the objective of not giving so much importance to Comperj is to reduce the size of the state-owned company with a view to privatization in the future, which is not too far away. Rangel also adds that this aims to show Brazilian citizens that Petrobras is corrupt and is not as operational as before, blaming the PT, but the lay people do not understand that this can have catastrophic consequences for the national economy, according to him. .

When it was under construction, Comperj was employing more than 30 thousand employees, nowadays only 6oo are there to maintain the space and equipment. At the beginning of 2017, the Petrobras has opened a tender for the resumption of works with the initial amount of 2 billion reais, all the companies that were in the fight were foreign, who ended up winning was a Chinese company that will also be her partner in the venture. Rangel's fear is that in addition to finishing the works, the Chinese are actually buying part of the Comperj and the pre-salt, having free access to the oil and gas produced in the Santos Basin.

So, will you be in Lula's caravan on December 7th? Do you think this is opportunism due to the presidential race or is it really in her interest that these works be resumed soon? In fact, Comperj is very important to drain the pre-salt from the Santos Basin, if these works are not completed by 2010, Petrobras will be forced to reduce production and burn a lot of gas, which will directly affect fuel prices, which are already expensive by nature. Soon Click Petróleo e Gás will have an official #aplicativocpg application. Don't forget that Imetame won a contract and will attract thousands of heads in 2018, see the article.

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