Lula says it is not true that the rise in fuel prices in Brazil has to do with the war in Ukraine

Junior Aguiar
29-04-2022 13:14:10
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Lula in an interview saying that fuel prices have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine PT is a pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic

The former president of the Republic, who is also a pre-candidate in this year's elections, also said that he would "Brazilianize" fuel prices if he won.

Former President of the Republic and also a pre-candidate in the 2022 elections, Lula, gave an interview this Friday morning (29) to Radio Jornal de Pernambuco. At the time, the PT said that it was not true that the current rise in fuel prices in Brazil has to do with the war in Ukraine.

It turns out that since 2016 Petrobras has had a policy of setting prices for oil-based fuels based on the value of the international dollar. Despite the country producing more oil than it consumes, thus being called self-sufficient, there is still a need to import the product. And one of the main exporters on the planet is Russia, which has been suffering economic sanctions for invading Ukraine.

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Lula – once again – criticized this current model created during the government of Michel Temer and said that he will put into practice actions to reduce the high value of gasoline and cooking gas on a system he called “Brazilianizing” values. For the ex-president, the price does not need to be at import parity and he promised: “you can prepare yourself that you will fill your car tank with the price of gasoline in reais”.

“It is not true that the war in Ukraine has an influence on (gasoline) prices here in Brazil. 50% da brazilian inflation is the responsibility of government-controlled prices. It's electric power, and it's diesel oil, and it's gasoline. The government that creates shame and has the courage to tell Petrobras that prices will not be internationalized,” Lula said in an interview with Rádio Jornal de Pernambuco.

Lula talks about fuel prices at 10:00 and 20:11

Lula builds standard speech to solidify image that he is the solution to lower fuel prices

In a pre-electoral campaign rhythm, Lula has scored several radio interviews across Brazil, with the price of fuel being one of the main topics addressed, after all, Brazilians have suffered from the escalation in prices in recent months.

This Friday's speech to Rádio Jornal de Pernambuco was very similar to that of three weeks ago on Rádio Jangadeiro, in Ceará. On the occasion, PT used the term “Brazilianar” when promising a new policy on the price of gasoline and criticized the end of the partnership between Petrobras and BR Distribuidora.

“When they sliced up BR Distribuidora, they said there would be more competition. Today we have 392 companies importing gasoline and selling it at international prices,” he said. On inflation, he said that “50% are for prices administered by the government, prices that the government could control and is not controlling”, he said.

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