Start Hiring in secret at Comperj causes turmoil in Itaboraí

Hiring in secret at Comperj causes turmoil in Itaboraí

April 18, 2018 4:56 pm to 4:56 pm
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Comperj works are coming and 4 companies are fighting fiercely to take over UPGN

There was confusion and protests after Enaval took a batch of workers to the Comperj works without anyone knowing, watch the video.

On the eve of the resumption of works on the Comperj, tempers are running high, many people are looking for information from one side to the other, worried about not being hired on time. It turns out that after one of the companies that will provide services in this work, Enaval, hired a wave of workers without anyone knowing and this ended up revolting many residents of Itaboraí. Some went to the Union's door to seek information, others went to the city's Sine and some look for parliamentarians from the municipality.

In the demonstrations that took place yesterday(17), many were in front of the property rented by representatives of the Keuri Potential Method, questioning whether the union would actually hire through them. One person ended up being ready to speak and represent the workers at that moment and said that Sintramon has no decision-making power in these cases in selective processes, because in the end, the company is the one who evaluates the worker's ability. Watch today's video below:

Sintramon says it is doing everything possible to make hiring as transparent as possible, on the other hand, Metodo Potencial, a Chinese partner company in the construction of the UPGN, says that it is not at all satisfied because it already has employees from other works. that are being finalized and her intention was to bring everyone to Comperj.

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