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Shipyards that look like “steel cemeteries” in Brazil due to the crisis

Paulo Nogueira
05-07-2017 09:37:29
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abandoned shipyard turns into an iron graveyard

See the list of shipyards with stopped works, offshore units nearing completion and which ones will hire in the future

In Rio de Janeiro, every week employees of the Mauá Shipyard need to use suction pumps on a ship moored at the site to remove water that enters through a crack in the fuselage. As its construction was not completed because Mauá had to interrupt activities in 2015, this vessel has been suffering from the action of time, without periodic repairs and maintenance, it is gradually rusting and collapsing.

Edson Rocha, who is in charge of the Metalworkers Union, said he is sad to see this scenario. It's just a lot of money thrown away with this vessel stopped at the docks. But going forward when we recover from the crisis(if), the values to complete the repairs will be exorbitant.

At the moment, at Estaleiro Mauá there are 3 vessels with unfinished works, but the list of this “Steel Cemetery” extends throughout the country. This is a reflection of the corruption scandals orchestrated within Petrobras.

Probing through shipyards in Brazil, it was discovered that there are many offshore units stopped at shipyards with works in different phases of construction. The total number of units stopped are:

  • 3 ships
  • 7 probes
  • 1 hull
  • 4 waterway trains

Would you believe that if we put together all these idle units, the amount of the loss easily reaches US$6 billion? (commercial dollar)Ship running out of shipyard

type, are many jobs that are no longer generated and the cost only increases if these units remain idle in the shipyards. At the time, these vessels were ordered for prices far above the international market, but as the objective was to favor the Brazilian workforce and economy, they ended up approving it right here, which in the end did not help much after the crisis arrived. See below the shipyards with units in the yard:

  • Atlântico Sul Shipyard (Ipojuca, PE) – 4 rigs
  • Jurong (Aracruz, ES) – 1 probe
  • Estaleiro Ilha SA (Rio de Janeiro, RJ) – 3 container ships
  • Mauá (Niterói, RJ) – 3 oil tankers
  • Brasfels (Angra dos Reis, RJ) – 2 rigs
  • Rio Tietê Shipyard (Araçatuba, SP) – 4 waterway trains
  • Ecovix (Rio Grande, RS) – 1 Hull of the P-71 platform

Recalling that all these shipyards are in the process of judicial recovery, some have even stated that they intend to return with some works this year, but if they fail, 2018 is certain. According to the union and the companies that manage the shipyards, from this semester onwards there will be prospects for improvement, due to the interest of the private sector.

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