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Rio de Janeiro Shipyard has been resurrected and 3 ships have already been ordered

Paulo Nogueira
28-05-2017 22:23:42
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Rio de Janeiro Shipyard has been resurrected and 3 ships have already been ordered

The shipyard in Rio de Janeiro should start hiring and activities in the 2nd half of this year

Finally some breath of relief for the citizen From Rio, especially professionals in the naval and offshore sector. The EISA( Shipyard Ilha S/A) now has a new manager, KPMG, which took over this shipyard a few weeks ago. The group is currently negotiating with creditors and shipowners, hoping to resume activities interrupted since 2015.

KPMG expects the sector to begin to improve, enabling contracts and resuming the projects that are in place from July 2017.

In its portfolio of planned services, EISA has three container transport ships:

  • One unit is almost ready, just missing a few installations and a few more operational tests.
  • Another ship with 70% of construction and already in the career
  • The third is missing to integrate the modular blocks

The Navy is playing hard but negotiations are advancing

Bargains with the Navy are not easy, but the institution has shown itself to be flexible and there will soon be agreed agreements. The president of the shipyard, Diego Salgado, stated that they are closer than ever to closing this contract, because from a technical and economic point of view, EISA is the best option.

Salgado also adds that the crisis in the economy drastically reduced orders in the naval sector, even more so when Astromarítima and Brasil Supply filed a lawsuit revoking this undertaking.

With Astromarítima, negotiations are underway to finish the construction of a PSV 3,000, which is already in its career. But with Brasil Supply, things are a little stuck.

Diego Salgado said that these two companies represent around 40% of input capital to leverage the services. The other contracts would come eventually, if successful, after negotiations with Log-In and the Brazilian Navy. This project may also entail other types of services such as repair services, berthing, crane activities and warehouses.

The president of the shipyard reinforces that about 1500 professionals will be called at the beginning. The forecast will be for the second half of 2017.

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