Start Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz starts hiring for new naval project

Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz starts hiring for new naval project

May 24, 2018 10:01 am to 10:01 am
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Jurong Aracru Shipyard Naval Vacancies

There are many vacancies made available by Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz in a few days for workers of different functions

Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz is offering many opportunities in its unit, as the functions range from professionals with basic training to higher education, with emphasis on engineers who do not have experience in the function. Click Petróleo e Gás has not yet been able to confirm the reason or circumstances of this sudden selection process, despite being confidential, probably some contract for maintenance, construction or assembly of modules must be in sight. We will list the open positions below, but be careful because the application date for some of them expires on June 4th.

  • Accounting analyst
  • Disabled Person
  • Painting Supervisor
  • Junior Buyer
  • deck sailor
  • Commissioning Technician
  • Commissioning Engineer - FPSO
  • industrial plumber
  • Machine Boy

All vacancies at Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz listed above are via registration and for a determined time for application so don't miss out and apply at once. If you don't fit the functions, indicate this post to those who need it.

First of all, follow these steps to apply:

  1. The first is to have an account on the VAGAS.COM website, complete the registration procedure on the platform filling in your professional qualifications and experience
  2. The second step is to enter the job window of Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz within the site already logged into your account and submit your application for the vacancies of your interest. Do it by clicking here.

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