Naves do Conhecimento provide 13,000 places in free online courses in the areas of technology, computing and entrepreneurship

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28-04-2022 11:07:44
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The Naves do Conhecimento initiative is offering more than 13 thousand places in free online courses for people from Rio de Janeiro. The courses are intended for areas such as technology, computing and entrepreneurship.

Naves do Conhecimento announced this Wednesday (27th), the opening of registrations for 13 thousand places in free online courses in several areas such as technology, entrepreneurship and informatics in the Rio de Janeiro. The training will be given in a hybrid modality, that is, in person and online. Students of online courses will also have free workshops and lectures in the schedule available in May. 

List of free online courses available

Naves do Conhecimento have several online courses, so we have separated some of the courses that are featured on the platform, check it out:

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  • Photography with Cell Phone;
  • Scracth – Programming for Children;
  • Digital Influencer – Learn how to become one;
  • Instrumental Informatics for Windows 10 and 11;
  • SQL Practice;
  • Kids flipbooks;
  • How to create a video in PowerPoint;
  • Drive's features;
  • Kanban – Agility for your business;
  • Branding – Create your First Logo;
  • Office on Smartphone;
  • Dashboard – Creating a Data Presentation.
  • Product Photography;
  • Introduction to Algorithms;
  • The Power of Hashtags for the Entrepreneur;
  • Tool to Boost Resumes – LinkedIn;
  • Image processing in Lightroom Classic;
  • IT Essentials;
  • Design for social media in Photoshop;
  • Financial education;
  • Create your podcast;
  • Digital Tools;
  • Senior Basic Computer Course;
  • Internet of Things;
  • Excel for Beginners.
  • Programming Practice;
  • Linux Essentials;
  • Animated gif in Photoshop;
  • Abandon your mouse;
  • Job Market: Logistics;
  • Video editing with Lightworks;
  • Purchasing and Inventory Management;
  • Computer operator;
  • Kids Computers;
  • Help Desk Analyst;
  • Cloud Computing;
  • Programming logic;
  • Introduction to Audiovisual – Photography;
  • How to use Instagram on mobile;
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the courses mentioned above, Naves do Conhecimento also has several other free online courses, to check the complete list, just access the program official website.

How to apply for Naves do Conhecimento online courses?

Candidates who are interested in registering and participating in the free online courses must access the institution's website and select one of several available formations. To complete the registration, it will be necessary to register on the platform using data such as full name, E-mail, date of birth, CPF, Gender, Mobile, Telephone, level of education, among others.

Those who choose to enroll in person for the online courses must attend the Naves do Conhecimento do Engenhão (Engenho de Dentro), Nova Brasílio (Bonsucesso) and Triagem. It is important to highlight that spaces are limited.

According to the municipal secretary of Science and Technology, who manages Naves do Conhecimento, Willian Coelho, currently, technological development is essential and knowledge in the area plays a fundamental role in people's professional advancement. There is a great need for professionals in this area and the secretariat is attentive to this fact, providing several free online courses and face-to-face training for people.

About the Ships of Knowledge

The Knowledge Ships are responsible for democratizing access to the digital world in creative and collaborative environments. They also offer workshops, events, courses focused on basic computing, information technologies, creative economy, robotics and programming, entrepreneurship and work.

In total, it has 9 units, located in the North and West zones of Rio de Janeiro, among them, six are co-managed by the Usina Social Institute: Irajá, Padre Miguel, Madureira, Santa Cruz and Vila Aliança. The units are located in Irajá, Nova Brasília, Penha, Triagem, Vila Aliança, Santa Cruz, Cidade Olímpica, Madureira and Padre Miguel.

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