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Shell opens up opportunities in the energy sector for youth incentives

Flavia Marinho
25-07-2018 00:22:41
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Shell Renewable Energy

Shell opens up opportunities in the energy sector to encourage young entrepreneurs in the energy sector

The search for the best way to use energy has been a recurring theme in the world, researchers, scientists and specialists in the area are delving deeper and deeper to try to find answers that can change the way energy is used. Large companies around the world are discovering renewable energy as one of their main energy sources. With that in mind, SHELL is looking for talented young people and entrepreneurs who have ideas that bring answers and solutions to smart cities and innovations in the world market.

The program

The first five chosen received R$ 5,000.00 each. At the end of five months, participants competed for another prize in the amount of R$15,000.00. The idea that is most creative throughout the project will take the contribution. The winning projects will be announced on August 20th and the program will start on the 22nd of the same month. All stages will be in Rio de Janeiro, but participants from all over Brazil will be able to participate.

How to apply for the Shell Youth Initiative

With the aim of creating new possibilities for income, jobs and businesses, Shell and its partners aim to provide young entrepreneurs with incentives to develop, show their ideas and solutions to large companies. Shell will be providing experienced professionals to monitor startups at all stages of the process, providing full support for the evolution of ideas.

Interested parties must apply by August 5, 2018 at the link www.f6s.com/shelllivewirebrasil/apply.

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