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Will Shell finally be able to settle in Macaé? See how this could be possible soon

Paulo Nogueira
11-09-2017 15:24:05
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Shell Macaé offshore

After several incidents in Porto do Açú, Shell decides to interrupt logistics activities with Prumo and Macaé could be the ball of the time

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Of the 17 operations that Shell executed in the Port of Açú in 12 months, there were 3 incidents in this period. It turns out that there were oil spills in the ocean, which made the company break operational contracts at the port using a system called “ship-to-ship”, which is the process of transferring barrels from one ship to another. Prumo Logística is responsible for operations of this type.

On the other hand, between the two companies, Prumo is charging Shell overdue amounts and that it is not complying with the contractual terms signed. Despite this situation, Prumo admitted that there were incidents, but it claims that the systems are from outsourced companies, as disclosed on its official website.

Shell in an official note to the G1, informed that it stopped operating at Porto do Açú due to lack of security in operations at the terminal, which is not compatible with the security standards required by the company

This problem between the two institutions ended up revealing some problems in cargo handling activities in Açú. Other companies have also been evaluating the issue of security of operations in these terminals.

Although Petrobras also has operating contracts in the same segment as Shell, it did not want to comment on this impasse or anything related to safety systems.

Macaé na Vez

Naturally, this opens up another range of opportunities in Macaé, as the construction of the Port in the City is now sanctioned and released. If the experts' forecast is confirmed, Shell may come to operate in the port of Imbetiba and later, when the Port of Barreto is ready, it may also sign new contracts in this venture.

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