Start Shell Brasil and Raízen announce the conclusion of a deal involving the lubricant sector

Shell Brasil and Raízen announce the conclusion of a deal involving the lubricant sector

May 4, 2022 8:05 am to 08:05 am
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Raízen, which belongs to the Shell Group, buys the oil company's lubricants division and guarantees more opportunities for decarbonization

On the first Monday of May, the 2nd, Shell Brasil – which recently signed a partnership with Petrobras in the Port of Santos – announced the closing of a deal with Raízen, which belongs to the giant Shell group and which replaced Biosev. The sale of its lubricants division is officially complete. 

According to the online information vehicle PetroNotícias, in addition to the lubricants unit on Ilha do Governador, in Rio de Janeiro, the transaction includes operations at the oil base in Campos Elíseos, in Duque de Caxias (state of Rio de Janeiro), Shell Marine's ship lubricants division as well as a nationwide lubricant supply and supply business.

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In a small statement published on the company's website during the morning of 05/02, Shell stated about the sale to Raízen: “The long-standing partnership between Shell and Raízen includes the retail, aviation and distribution portfolios of fuels. The integration of the lubricants division into the joint venture will generate synergies between the two companies and ensure a supply of lubricants and fuels with more opportunities for decarbonization.”

In addition, the oil company Shell added: “After the conclusion of the transaction, the Shell brand will remain in the spotlight, through the licensing agreement with Raízen”. According to the company, all customers will remain with free access to the products and services offered by the Shell brand, even after the sale of the lubricants division to Raízen.

To understand better, also watch the following video, from the Beginner Holder channel:

Do you know what Raízen is? Come and meet the company:

Founded in 2011, Raízen is a joint venture that emerged from the union between Shell and Cosan. The company operates in the ethanol, sugarcane and bioenergy production sector. For production, Raízen has 35 units dedicated to sugarcane, bioenergy and ethanol, 1 million and 300 thousand hectares of cultivated agricultural land, 1,300 Select convenience stores and more than 4,000 commercial customers spread throughout Brazil and two other Latin American countries: Argentina and Paraguay.

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