Start Senar – SP has open enrollment in free training courses, with the right to a certificate, didactic material and food included

Senar – SP has open enrollment in free training courses, with the right to a certificate, didactic material and food included

February 16, 2022 11:54 am to 11:54 am
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Free courses at Senar – credits: senar/SP

Senar SP has several free courses with the right to certificate, food and didactic material. Courses are scheduled to start in March.

The Rural Employers Union of Mirassol, in partnership with Senar/SP, opened enrollment in seven free training courses in Cleaning, Hydroponics, Fruit Growing, among others, where students will receive a certificate, food and teaching material. Classes for the free courses are scheduled to take place in March, from 8 am to 5 pm. In addition to these, four other free courses will also be offered in April this year.

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Check out the free courses with certificate provided by Senar – SP

  • Cleaning Products Course
  • Beekeeping Course
  • FTAI Course (Fixed Time Artificial Insemination)
  • Course on Drugs
  • Artificial insemination course
  • Hydroponics Course
  • Fruit Growing Course - Planting
  • Courses on Cacu, Planting and Treating
  • Cultural Honey Course in Gastronomy
  • Fruit Growing Course - Pruning
  • Bricklayer Course

How to register for free courses at Senar/SP?

Those interested in joining any of the free courses offered should attend the Rural Employers' Union, which is located at Rua Floriano Peixoto, n°1709, downtown.

In addition, for registration, documents such as a copy of the RG and CPF will also be required. More information can be obtained by calling 3253-9898. It is worth mentioning that the institution will still offer students breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and a free certificate of completion at the end of the intended course.

Popularity of free distance learning courses increases in Brazil

Nowadays, with internet access increasingly being present in the homes of Brazilians, online courses have increasingly taken over the scenario of professional courses, which are gradually migrating to the distance learning modality.

Most online courses issue certificates accepted by large companies, so studying online has become increasingly common. One of the factors that helped a lot in the popularization of this modality was the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced educational institutions to act in the EAD modality.

With distance learning in active and being the central topic of attention, many teaching companies left classrooms and migrated to the virtual world, since, for the institution, teaching online is cheaper. There is no need to spend money on a classroom, on a number of teachers, or on printing handouts. All this helps to make online courses more affordable for you and for the institution.

Meet Senar

The National Rural Learning Service is a private law entity linked to the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil. Its objective is to professionally educate and offer technical assistance and Social Promotion activities, contributing to the evolution of sustainable production, social advances in the field and competitiveness.

The entity is responsible for the organization, execution, administration and supervision, throughout the Brazilian territory, of the teaching of Rural Professional Training and Social Promotion of people in rural areas. Senar/SP also expands its partnerships, strengthens public and private alliances in order to fulfill its institutional mission, stimulates research and guarantees access to rural innovation.

Senar always seeks to improve the mechanisms of planning, performance evaluation and institutional monitoring, promoting citizenship and contributing to the quality of life of people in rural areas. The institution brings to its public a varied, defined and specific offer of education in annual work planning, created from the demands of Rural Professional Training.

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