Senac de Recife opens vacancies in free professional qualification courses for the areas of gastronomy, waiter and cafeteria attendant

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10-06-2021 16:12:00
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Senac - Recife - vacancies - free courses - professional qualification Senac in Recife – Photo: Publicity/Senac

Senac de Recife is offering several vacancies in free professional qualification courses. Don't waste time, registration will only go until the 17th!

Through the Senac Free Program (PSG), Recife's National Service for Commercial Learning (Senac) has opened enrollment for its free professional qualification courses in the areas of gastronomy, waiter and cafeteria attendant. Don't miss your chance to qualify for the job market!

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Free courses offered by Senac de Recife

In total, Senac is offering 20 vacancies for free waiter professional qualification courses, gastronomy and cafeteria attendant. Candidates must meet some prerequisites proposed by Senac de Recife.

Among the job requirements are: have a family income of up to two minimum wages per capita, complete elementary education, minimum age of 18 years and meet the requirements of the professional qualification course. The free courses for waiters will start on July 1st and will continue until August 12th, with a workload of 240 hours.

Hours will be from 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Senac de Recife guarantees that the students of this professional qualification course will be entitled to lunch, in addition to uniforms and all didactic material. The cafeteria attendant course will start on July 19 and will continue until September 13, with hours from 8 am to 12 pm, and a workload of 160 hours.

Learn how to register for free Senac courses

Interested? So know that it is very simple to apply for vacancies, just access the Senac Portal website and fill out a registration form with some personal data such as: CPF, Full Name, RG, Date of Birth, Marital Status, Address, Education, among others .

During registration, you will be given some information, such as the necessary documents and also the place and date for registration. All classes will take place in person at the Hospitality and Tourism unit (UHT), located in the Santo Amaro neighborhood, downtown Recife.

The results with the names of those who were approved in the vacancies of the free professional qualification courses will be released on June 18th and enrollment will go until the day of the result until the 22nd of the same month.


Discover Senac's free course program

The Senac Free Program (PSG) brings professional education to people with a monthly per capita family income of up to two minimum wages. The Program was signed in 2008, between the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Labour, National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC) and Senac. The Program has received investments of 66,67% of Net Contribution Revenue from Senac since 2014.

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