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Selection process in Macaé released with many vacancies announced

Paulo Nogueira
02-09-2017 12:45:41
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Macaé public tender released with many vacancies announced

The TJRJ finally released the selective process in Macaé after much controversy. Applications are open from September 11th to 12th.

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Macaé finally has its selection process deliberated by definitive. Those who wish to apply will have only 2 days to apply, exactly on the 11th and 12th of September. The tests are scheduled for the 23rd and 24th of the same month. Most positions are for high school and elementary school, but there are positions for higher education as well. Just below, see the huge amount of vacancies that the city hall of Macaé is making available:

Vacancies (quantity)

Community health worker(98), bricklayer assistant(5), admin assistant. Logistics(60), aux. Necropsy(8), on-call(8), general maintenance assistant(20), school service assistant(300), plumber(5), paver(6), carpenter (3), dental surgeon (5), nurse( 50), day nurse(20), upholsterer(3), pharmacist (10), stretcher worker(20), mechanic(5), doctor(10), general practitioner on duty(70), medical examiner on duty(5), physician pediatrician on duty(15), psychiatrist(5), truck driver(7), school bus driver(4), workshop operator(6), workstation operator. treatment Water/sewer(30), heavy machine operator(4), social advisor (50), bricklayer(3), painter(2), receptionist health unit(25), janitor(225), day nurse technician(32 ), radiology technician(15), nursing technician(150), dental equipment maintenance technician(1), hospital equipment maintenance technician(3) and resident technician (10).

Official notice and publication

As stated in the 1st paragraph, the official publication of the city hall can be found on its portal, you can access it here and download the public notice. Remembering that registration for the Petrobras 2017 contest ends on September 4th, run there is still time to register. The details of this contest you can see here at official article here. There are specific handouts that many people are purchasing and are really enjoying.

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