Start Selection process in global offshore company has started: Send your CVs now

Selection process in global offshore company has started: Send your CVs now

July 9, 2017 10:40 pm to 22:40
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Selection process in global offshore company started

Multinational company with rigs in various parts of the planet has just released a selection process for many offshore and onshore functions

GASOFFSHORE was created in 2003 to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions for the labor needs of the global industry in offshore oil and gas.
The company's key objective is to be the leading supplier of manpower, providing innovative and viable solutions for all the human resource needs of the offshore oil and gas industry worldwide.
GASOFFSHORE is confident that its team of members will represent and wear the company's shirt well anywhere in the world. Because of this, she opened her selection process for the following roles:

Available vacancies

Crane/Auxiliary, Driller's Assistant, Vessel Engineer, Torristas, Electricians/Auxiliary, Electronics Technicians/Auxiliary, Floorman, Materials Coordinator/Warehouse, Mechanics/Auxiliary, Doctors, Nurses, Motorman, Radio Operators, Offshore Receptionist, Rig Maintenance, Area Men, Safety Technicians, Welders, Engineers, Subsea Engineer/assistant.

how to apply

All candidates must have a technical degree or higher in the areas mentioned above or equivalent, current boarding courses and experience in the role. Anyone who has a passport, good spoken and written English, will be a big advantage. If you fit the role, send an email to and Due to the volume of emails received, the company may block the sending of resumes at any time.

Note: Send 2 CVs, one in English and one in Portuguese. In the title of the email, put the following format as an example: “Paulo Nogueira – Brazilian Electrical Technician(Profession) – 5 (years of experience) years experienced”. This is important, if you make a mistake at this point it will be fatal! They will even look at your resume. good luck everyone and CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR OFFICIAL FACEBOOK GROUP

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