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See the cities in Rio that earned the most oil royalties

Paulo Nogueira
15-04-2018 21:17:06
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Oil producing municipalities in Rio de Janeiro will invest a good part of the collection for the payment of servers, debts and administration of the public machine

producing cities of Petroleum in the region of Rio de Janeiro and in the interior of the state of Rio de Janeiro, they will use a large part of these resources to pay their employees' payroll, debts and other sectors of their administrations. After a long period of time in which the oil segment had low production, with recent policies to increase productivity in the Santos e Campos Basin, together with the increase in the price of a barrel on the international scene, their collections will multiply by 3 times in the next 10 years.

The government of the state of Rio, on the other hand, will use almost all of this money to amortize the debts of the Social Security in Rio de Janeiro. Last Friday(13), the government issued dividends from the state in the form of international bonds that exceed 1 billion reais, using future earnings of oil royalties as a payment guarantee, trusting that the sector will recover and leverage the economy of Rio de Janeiro.

See the list of municipalities that received oil royalties

  • Marica R$ 746.782 million
  • Niterói R$ 615.163 million
  • Campos dos Goytacazes R$ 466.179 million
  • Macaé R$ 401.505 million
  • Rio de Janeiro R$ 169.594 million
  • Cabo Frio R$ 122.487 million
  • Rio das Ostras R$ 166.108 million
  • São João da Barra R$ 114.529 million
  • Saquarema R$ 72.742 million
  • Angra dos Reis R$ 70.579 million

According to experts in the oil, gas and energy sector, the policies adopted by governments to make local content more flexible, review of Repetro and the last auctions of exploratory blocks in the sedimentary basins of Brazil, have largely contributed to attracting new investments and boosting the economy, as many oil operators will now be able to operate in Brazil with more freedom.

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