Start Seadrill starts a few more offshore vacancies for the month of March

Seadrill starts a few more offshore vacancies for the month of March

March 5, 2018 5:49 pm to 5:49 pm
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Jobs at Seadrill

With demand for services growing exponentially, Seadrill is forced to open more offshore vacancies to fulfill contracts with Statoil in Brazil

THE Seadrill you must be laughing for nothing with the great contracts signed with Statoil, mainly after it declared commerciality in the Carcará Field after having made good and successful drilling. The rig that is being used for this purpose is the West Saturn, which came from Europe and that some Brazilians who obtained selective processes through our website, went to get there.

As is usual, Seadrill often hires Brazilians to work in any region of the planet where its operations are needed, this opens up a range of chances for those with specific training in the oil and gas area to apply, especially for these new contracts that will be of long duration. She has many open positions, but in Brazil, at the moment she has the following positions:

  • Dynamic Positioning Operators
  • electricians
  • Probe Assistants

As for international vacancies, there are other positions:

  • sounders
  • Area Men
  • platformers
  • mechanics
  • subsea
  • operators
  • Toasters

To apply, there is not much of a secret, just make a simple and well-functioning registration, as you well know, large international companies most of the time prefer the registration system on their websites to consult their resumes more easily. To apply, go to OFFICIAL COMPANY WEBSITE BY ACCESSING HERE. If you only want vacancies in Brazil, go to the “Region” option and choose our country, for any other vacancies, just leave it in “ALL”.

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