Start Seadrill publishes job vacancies in Brazil, Mexico and other countries

Seadrill publishes job vacancies in Brazil, Mexico and other countries

February 15, 2018 10:37 am to 10:37 am
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Seadrill Toolpusher Technicinan

In Brazil, Seadrill has opportunities to work on the West Saturn rig, the rest of the jobs are in Latin and American countries

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]A Seadrill scompany is advertising offshore opportunities on its official recruitment channels, but it's been months since she published anything about Brazil since the last big selection process she did and that the Click Oil and Gas released here on the page exclusively. We were happy because we helped a lot of followers get into the company at the time. Now little by little she is starting to hire again.

It turns out that the probe West Saturn arrived last month in Rio de Janeiro, but specifically in Guanabara Bay hired by the giant Statoil to drill some pre-salt wells in the Carcará asset, official sources from the company that discovered this reservoir on its own. One of the readers of our portal, Marcão, went to Europe to get this probe. See the boy's happiness below:


Today's Brazilian vacancies cover opportunities for two roles: Toolpusher and Hydraulic Technician. But for sure new opportunities will open up over the next month, don't worry because we will update this post as more vacancies come in. If you want, you can apply for jobs in other countries. As of the date of this publication(15-02), it has for Mexico, Houston, Canada and Asia. Don't be fooled or afraid to apply just because the occupations are outside the country, the Seadrill usually hires Brazilians to work anywhere in the world.

To apply for vacancies is very easy, but it is important to do it by computer and not by smartphone to avoid mistakes. ENTER THE COMPANY WEBSITE BY CLICKING HERE FIRST. There will be a search field written “Region”, click on it and choose “Brazil”, the two vacancies for Brazilian candidacy will appear, for other international positions it is the same process. Click on the name of the role above and create a login on Seadrill's own portal, if you already have it, even better! If you get any feedback, please let us know and good luck to everyone!

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