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Scaffolders for offshore job vacancies

Paulo Nogueira
06-02-2018 13:24:09
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Due to new maintenance demands in offshore units, Scaffolders are needed to work in the Campos Basin

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]scaffolding are always necessary for any type of enterprise such as civil works, industrial or in the oil and gas sector. At the moment, there are many offshore units that are old and have been in operation for a long time without any downtime. After Petrobras announced last week the works scheduled for 2018, companies have already started to mobilize to hire labor in these units.

THE zarpcrew announced vacancies for Scaffolders last week to fulfill the contract of offshore customer. The requirements are very easy and not so many qualifications for those who want to apply for the vacancies. For this opportunity in question, it is necessary to have a Basic Platform Safety Course (CBSP), Submerged Aircraft Escape Training (HUET), NR-33 (Confined Space) and NR-35 (Work at Height).

For candidates who wish to apply for the vacancies of Scaffolding assembler, send your CV to curriculos@zarpacrew.com.br, stating the function in the message title. E-mails that are not properly identified and according to the assignments of the positions, will be deleted and blocked instantly.

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