Saudi Arabia, world's largest oil exporter, launches cloud seeding operation to increase rainfall by 20%

Fábio Lucas
30-04-2022 00:23:00
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Saudi Arabia oil rains environment Photo: (Screenshot/Twitter/@PmeMediacen)

With the advance of climate change, countries that were once resistant to the system are now adopting sowing technology as a way to increase rainfall. Saudi Arabia, one of the major oil exporters, is one of the countries investing in the sector.

Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil exporter, is doing everything to increase rainfall in its territory. According to the portal Arab News, cloud seeding is already done as a hope of increasing annual precipitation. Today, the numbers are not encouraging, with only 100 millimeters per year.  

How is cloud seeding done? 

Cloud seeding is a technique that consists of introducing certain chemicals into clouds. One such product is silver iodide, which is used to induce rain. Water droplets come together and collide with each other, increasing the likelihood of water droplets occurring. rains.

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What is Saudi Arabia's goal?

Saudi Arabia is known to be one of the driest countries on the planet. Knowing this to be a problem, officials hope this technique will work, increasing annual rainfall by up to 20%. With the increase in rainfall, a reduction in desertification in the country is expected. All this is done through Green Saudi Arabia, an initiative that seeks to increase vegetation and make the country more adapted to the climate changes.  

Ayman Ghulam, head of the National Weather Center and supervisor of the program, noted that the program officially started on Monday of last week. The first sowing flights took place on the outskirts of the capital Riyadh. 

The program will monitor clouds across Saudi Arabia in search of the best locations for the procedure to be done. The idea of the project is to use products that are environmentally friendly. According to Gluham, cloud seeding is a promising way to preserve the balance environmental

Several countries already use the technique

Today, it is not just Saudi Arabia that is using the technology. China is another great example of heavy investment to try to change the climate. Spending was in the millions in an attempt to change the country's climate ahead of major gatherings or events in the country. The same is true of the United States, where the technology is used extensively in Oregon and Idaho.  

However, the technology is quite controversial, as many scientists do not trust the technique. The reason is that the increase in precipitation after operations is not very high. Test results show mixed results. With the advance of climate change, countries are being forced to invest in technologies that promise to change the climate. 

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