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São Gonçalo do Amarante with vacancies for 15 Occupational Safety Technicians

Paulo Nogueira
20-07-2018 09:55:41
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Technical Works in Security São Gonçalo

To work on works in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in the city of São Gonçalo do Amarante, see the requirements to compete

The municipality of São Gonçalo do Amarante has some job opportunities for professionals who are trained as Occupational Safety Technicians. One of our connections ended up sharing it and we are passing it on to you. Next. we will list the requirements and assignments to apply for these 15 vacancies, so pay close attention and apply only if you really fill them. Remembering that for other opportunities in TST, in our application you can find many more vacancies.

Requirements and Attributions

  • 15 work safety technicians needed
  • Job Location: São Gonçalo do Amarante
  • Salary: 1020.00 + 30% of hazardous work
  • R$200, 00 per diem allowance
  • Food in the company
  • Health insurance
  • Proven experience in the portfolio of 1 year.

We know that many will be outraged by the salary range offered far below the floor, but each state has its rules and guidelines for managing them. In the state of São Paulo, for example, the minimum salary range for a TST is around R$2,500.00, according to SINTEST (SINDICATO DOS TECNICICOS DE SAFETY DO SÃO PAULO IN THE STATE OF SÃO PAULO).

how to apply

Interested in working at São Gonçalo do Amarante and within the role, send your CV to gleucianerocha@yahoo.com.br, informing the name of the vacancy, years of experience and your current city of residence. It is worth mentioning in the email your availability to travel, as no geographical impediments were described for candidates outside Rio Grande do Norte.

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