Start Rig contracted by Shell arrives in Brazil next week

Rig contracted by Shell arrives in Brazil next week

April 19, 2018 3:28 pm to 3:28 pm
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Upon arrival in our country, it will proceed directly to the Campos Basin for drilling in various fields of the Shell 2018 campaign.

THE shell contracted the Catarina rig that belongs to Petroserv for 60 days to carry out interventions in the Campos Basin, your arrival is scheduled for Sunday or Monday (22 or 23 respectively) and work will start in May and can be extended for a few more months, if necessary. Intervention activities will take place in the Bijupirá-Salema assets and in Parque das Conchas, which also includes the Abalone, Ostra and Argonauta fields. the probe left the city of Las Palmas, in Spain, towed by a gigantic tug. The departure took place in March.

According to Shell disclosed, it will have 15 optional locations to intervene. Currently, the Bijupirá-Salem and Parrque das Conchas fields produce around 10,000 and 45,000 barrels of oil per day, respectively, the oldest of which has been produced since 1993 with the FPSO Fluminense platform. . Arriving in Brazil, the semi-submersible Catarina will go directly to the Campos Basin, where all the procedures for releasing and admitting the unit will be carried out by the Navy, the Federal Revenue Service and other government agencies. The contracting of the rig was agreed in mid-February.

In addition to the Catarina rig, Shell also opened a charter process to drill in the Gato do Mato and Gato do Mato do Sul assets, located in the Santos Basin. This acquisition was announced in early 2018, but negotiations have not yet been finalized. In fact, some proposals are still being evaluated, which will be for wells that will be drilled within a year.

There may or may not be additional hires for these units, what we do know is that a few months ago, CEPEM (Center for Business Psychology) carried out a large selection process for her (check the article here) we don't know if there are Brazilians coming along with this rig, or if the workers have already completed the integration and are already ready to go up to the unit. this we can guarantee.

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