Start DISMISSAL: Depression Vs Attitude – Doing Something Opens Opportunities

DISMISSAL: Depression Vs Attitude – Doing Something Opens Opportunities

July 11, 2018 12:25 am to 00:25
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RELEASE: Depression Vs Attitude
Dismissal: Depression Vs Attitude.

RESIGNATION: Depression Vs Attitude – Doing something opens up opportunities. A mix of frustration and doubts about one's own ability can leave the professional inert and, because of this, fail to get good opportunities.

Faced with the current economic situation in our country, which is not at all favorable and, consequently, the generation of a great negative atmosphere, cases of postpartum depression are being triggered.resignation. Opportunities arise where we least expect it and standing still is not an option. With this super worrying scenario, many people who lost their jobs are presenting physical and mental health problems, thus compromising their potential and performance, because, after all, who is truly prepared to experience this type of challenge?

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The fear of not being able to pay their bills, depending on family members or never returning to the job market is a common feeling in this context and contributes to illness and many lose their identity. This fact directly affects self-esteem, causing deep sadness, insomnia, loss of appetite or increased consumption of food in a compulsive way.

In extreme cases it causes isolation and depression.

The reception of family and friends is fundamental in this process and, often, psychological follow-up may be necessary.


unfortunately the resignation it is psychologically associated with one of the greatest fears that human beings have in life: the fear of failure and the fear of rejection. What has to be understood is that you cannot control everything in life, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Of course, everyone views this gain or loss differently.

So seek help, believe that in life everything has a way out and that an end can be a new beginning.

BELIEVE in a new tomorrow!

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  • Cultivate positive thinking;
  • Don't let despair overtake you;
  • Take advantage of this period to specialize, study, update;
  • Face this phase as a new beginning in your life;
  • Reactivate your contacts, make a good network. Stay tuned for new opportunities;
  • Take this time to enjoy family, chat with your kids or old friends;
  • Create new habits: how to take better care of your health, relax, date, practice physical exercises.
  • You need time for yourself, take that time;
  • Reinforce your faith, really believe that things can change for the better;
  • Avoid any addiction (alcohol, medicine, cigarettes, etc.).

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Believe it!

You are important and capable. Your success depends on your attitudes. Then, get to work.

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