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Renewable energy company is recruiting for CEPEM

Paulo Nogueira
16-04-2018 09:58:21
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Engineers and technicians from different specialties are invited to work in the field of wind and solar renewable energy

The segment of renewable energy it is a trend that is here to stay and there will be a very large mobilization of institutions, companies and society in this sense. In Brazil there are more than 500 wind and solar parks which are mostly concentrated in the northeast. The problem is that there are few qualified professionals to work in this area that is little targeted despite the latent growth, this is where CEPEM comes into play.

CEPEM (Center for Business Psychology) is well known for its expertise in recruitment and selection for an oil company, despite acting and other aspects. For a few weeks she has been publishing opportunities in the renewable energy, so we decided to follow the trend and disclose to you the open positions in your portfolio, as follows:

  • Wind Turbine Maintenance Technician ⇒ Work in the operation and maintenance of wind turbines, including predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance. Solid experience in wind farms; – Complete training as an Electromechanical, Electrotechnical, Electronic, Mechanic or Instrumental Technician.
  • SE technician ⇒ Second degree completed; – Complete technical course in Electrotechnics, Electronics or Electromechanics. – CREA registration; – Basic Office Package.
  • Distribution Electrician ⇒ Complete high school; – Distribution Electrician Course; – Basic and Complementary Course NR – 10; – Course NR-35; – Preferably experience in the role.
  • Wind Specialist ⇒ Training in Agrarian, Forestry, Agronomic Engineering; – Desirable MBA in Project Management; – Solid knowledge of agronomy, land management, spatial and topographical information, cadastral information and land evaluation; – Experience in contracting and land tenure regularization for energy or mining projects.
  • Wind Turbine Commissioning Engineer ⇒ Experience working with wind turbines (Required) – Onshore and Offshore wind farms (preferred); – Experience with several suppliers of wind turbines; – Degree in Electrotechnics, Mechanics, Automation, Mechatronics; – Advanced English desirable
  • Energy Efficiency Analyst ⇒ Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Automation and Control Engineering or Production Engineering. – Knowledge in Project Management; – Mastery of the Office package, mainly Excel; – Desirable knowledge of the Energy Efficiency Program regulated by ANEEL.

Interested in working in renewable energy market and move to the city of Fortaleza – CE, enter the CEPEM website in the wind turbines tab here. Opportunities were exposed on April 9th, so all of them are up to date. Another important point is that in none of them the question of the city of residence was delimited, everything suggests that you can apply for the vacancies, as long as you have the requested attributions.

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Paulo Nogueira
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