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Reform in a large company demands professionals: Little experience is required

Paulo Nogueira
16-02-2018 14:48:45
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job vacancies in São Caetano

There are several opportunities for major industrial reform in a company Located in São Caetano do Sul -SP, several professionals for temporary jobs

Remodeling in a firm in the industrial segment is recruiting professionals with solid experience in maintenance activities, unfortunately the job vacancies are temporary, but on the other hand, it shows that the industry is more optimistic in 2018 to improve its services and invest in expanding its business. Really the saying that “the new year starts after carnival in Brazil” makes perfect sense. Remembering that there is a company in Santa Catarina with more than 73 vacancies open at the moment, access the article and send your resume or take it directly to the company.


Position: Industrial Assembler Mechanic
Salary: R$ 2,300.00
Course and experience in the field

Position: Industrial Mechanical Assistant
Salary: R$ 1,500.00
experience required

Position: Industrial Plumber
Salary: R$2,500.00
Course and experience in the field


Position: Welder (TIG + ER)
Salary: R$2,500.00
Course and experience in the field

Position: Electrician FC
Salary: R$2,200.00 + 30% of Hazardous Work
Required: Industrial Electrician Course + NR10 Valid.

Position: Assembler Electrician
Salary: R$2,000.00 + 30% of Hazardous Work
Required: Industrial Electrician Course + NR10 Valid.

Offshore Scaffolder 
CBSP, Scaffolding Assembler Course, NR33, NR35, NR34
Complete high school. Click here to apply.

Remembering that the Job opportunities are temporary, about 30 days of work. They will be developed within GM, which is located in the city of São Caetano do Sul. The start of the selection processes was scheduled for 02/10/2018. It is worth remembering that all functions require a minimum experience of 01 year. Benefits include on-site food and transportation vouchers, you will need to live in the ABC Region to compete for opportunities. Interested send resume to email mafe@mafe.ind.br, informing the city of residence, name and function.

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