Start Receiving CVs at the Reduc Refinery door today

Receiving CVs at the Reduc Refinery door today

July 24, 2018 6:52 am to 6:52 am
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Structural Reduc Petrobras maintenance vacancies

SITICOMM will be responsible for receiving CVs for some functions in the Reduc parking lot starting at 7 am on the 24th of July

The Reduc refinery has scheduled maintenance shutdowns and some people are already being interviewed and gradually called to work on the works at the unit located in Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro. We have just received this announcement through one of our sources and we are passing it on to you. We call and confirm the information exclusively and property of Click Petróleo e Gás and its team, so share and spread this post, other sites may copy and distort the information!

the communiqué

It seems that for this round of receiving CVs they are destined for the company Structural Industrial Services that despite being received by email (click here to check the official contact), sent us a banner advertising the company itself today. Once again reinforcing that wait we confirm before heading to the door of the Reduc Refinery, we do not know if only residents of Rio de Janeiro will be able to take their CV's, but in any case, check out the banner below:

Photo Disclosure

Structural Reduc vacancies refinery rio de janeiro

Another company that had a major maintenance stoppage within Reduc was Perbras and a wave of people managed to deliver their CVs to it also on July 10th, check out the photos by clicking here, you will be directed to our Facebook page. The union itself said that there would be a stage for receiving CV's, so it seems that this same stage will be today. Good luck and send them photos and information of what is happening there today.

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