Start Vale's Young Apprentice Program offers vacancies for students from Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo

Vale's Young Apprentice Program offers vacancies for students from Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo

April 18, 2022 10:57 am to 10:57 am
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Vale's Young Apprentice Program 2022 – image: Illustration/Canva

The mining company Vale has several openings in its Young Apprentice program for candidates aged between 18 and 22. Candidates will have a grant and various benefits. 

Applications are open for the Young Apprentice Program of Vale and the opportunities are aimed at young people aged between 18 and 22 who live in the cities of Victory, in the Holy Spirit, and Santa Barbara and Ipatinga, in Minas Gerais. In the program, those selected will have the chance to participate in a theoretical course for professional and practical qualification within Vale. Therefore, it is necessary to be available to work in person at the company, at Senai and at the units that have open positions.

Find out how the selection process to join Vale's Young Apprentice program will work

The theoretical part of the Maneuver Operator training will take place in the senai and will last 4 hours a day, while practical classes will take place at Vale's units, with a daily duration of 6 hours, equivalent to 20 hours and 30 hours per week respectively.

In the program, candidates will have a qualified insertion in the job market, expanding the possibilities for professional growth, a certificate issued by Senai, in accordance with current legislation, as well as monitoring and supervision of Vale's most qualified technical advisors. The program lasts up to 2 years and candidates must have completed high school.

According to Mayara Machado, Young Apprentice in Rio de Janeiro, the tip she has for those who want to participate in the program is: be persistent and study the company. Machado emphasizes that he doubted himself a lot and thought he was incapable, because competition is very strong, but it is possible and students must believe in their potential. The company values its students very much and wants them to prosper at Vale.

Applicants who are interested and wishing to participate should access the Vale website and register. Candidates will be redirected to another website, where they will be asked to fill in “about you”, skills and interests, experience and other additional information.

Learn more about the selection process

The entire selection process will be blind, a selection method where information such as gender, marital status, ethnicity, disabilities, among others are omitted during the selection process.

The intention is to avoid that some aspects influence the selection of candidates and to promote a process based on the evaluation of potential and ability to perform in the future. The steps of selective process include registrations, online assessments, virtual panel with managers, online group dynamics, in addition to admission medical exams and delivery of documents.

It is worth remembering that those selected for the job vacancies will be entitled to a grant, life insurance, transportation vouchers, medical assistance and an employee assistance program. In addition, during the practical phase, the program provides food and meal vouchers or meal vouchers for those who work in an operational unit that does not have its own cafeteria.

About the company

Vale was founded on June 1, 1942, as the state-owned Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, and is currently a private company that ranks among the largest global mining companies. The company's operations cross borders and is present in around 20 countries, sharing its mission to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development.

In addition to mining, Vale works with state-of-the-art railroads, terminals, ports and infrastructure. The company transports more than 1 million people on its passenger trains and currently has 120,000 in-house and outsourced employees. 54% of Vale's energy consumption is produced by the company itself. The company is also the largest producer of manganese in Brazil, accounting for around 70% of the Brazilian market.

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