Professional development program in the automotive segment offers job opportunities for women

Paulo Nogueira
26-04-2022 14:57:50
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Woman training courses Saint Gobain Student of the Women in Color class – Via Alma Gestão

Learn about the history of the Technical Promoter, recently hired by Norton Abrasivos

The first group of the “Mulheres na Cor” project, which was born from the dream of transforming lives through professionalization for the automotive repair and repainting market, formed 14 women who were in a vulnerable situation, from communities in São Bernardo do Campo and Guarulhos (SP).

The training program offered more than 300 hours of theoretical and practical learning, covering soft skills and behavior, automotive prep and refinishing, polishing, colorimetry and tools.

What is the purpose of this program aimed at the female audience?

Conceived by AkzoNobel in conjunction with Norton Abrasivos and Senai, “Mulheres na Cor” is a professional development and self-esteem recovery program that was prepared to rescue women in vulnerable conditions and with difficulty finding their way back into the job market, creating an environment for them to feel welcomed, protected and ready to rebuild their lives. 

After completing the course, companies are supporting the process of replacing these women in the labor market. Norton Abrasivos, for example, hired a resident of Guarulhos, Silvia Ferreira, 50 years old, mother of a 15-year-old boy. Silvia, who worked for 20 years as engine assembler and production operator in metallurgy, she was unemployed for three years and soon after completing the course she participated in a selection process at Norton Abrasivos.

“We believed from the beginning that training these women would foster opportunities in the job market. And this is already happening! Partner companies are also hiring and indicating to auto repair shops and stores. These women worked so hard! In the midst of difficulties, their responsibilities at home and with their children, they remained committed until the end of the course. Now they are reaping the fruits of this beautiful journey, which is just beginning!”, comments Mirca Neves, Norton Saint-Gobain Automotive Sales Manager.

“I had very low self-esteem at home because I always worked and was responsible for supporting my family. I was suffering from the few job opportunities because of my age and in recent years also because of the pandemic. During the period when I was out of work, I took the opportunity to do social work and suddenly I found myself in the same situation as the vulnerable women I was talking to and I was very sad. So, when the opportunity to take the training course appeared, I wasted no time and signed up right away. I am very happy and feeling more mature. I'm 50 years old, but I feel like I'm 20, excited, like I'm just starting! I am very grateful to all the professionals who set up the course, who wanted to know how I was doing, called and asked what could be improved. This affection and care marked me a lot”, comments the new employee of Norton Abrasivos, who two weeks ago was hired as Technical Promoter in the automotive area.

The “Mulheres na Cor” project had the support of several partners, including: Bela Tintas, Instituto Localiza, Liberty Seguros, Sigma Transportes, Sindirepa (Union of the Vehicle Repair and Accessories Industry of the State of São Paulo) and the Organizations Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Hamburgada do Bem (from Guarulhos, SP) and Aldeias Infantis SOS (in São Bernardo do Campo, SP), which selected the candidates. Source: Alma Gestão and Norton Abrasivos

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