Producer of sugar and ethanol, Raízen added 10 thousand professionals and 9 units that belonged to Biosev

Roberta Souza
20-04-2022 17:24:57
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Biosev will cease to exist and will be replaced by Raízen, a sugar and ethanol producer, with the end of this process

In April, sugar and ethanol producer Raízen concluded the Biosev integration process. Raízen boosted its business with this purchase agreement, strengthening and expanding its business model, in addition to raising the level of the sugar-energy sector.

Raízen's Strategy

According to the Exame Magazine, Raízen, a sugar and ethanol producer, made a strategic move by combining it with Biosev's assets, thus managing to promote efficiency and operational synergies, expanding opportunities in biorefineries.

The biggest obstacle for Raízen was to incorporate the 10 thousand employees who worked in nine Biosev plants, in a period of less than nine months. Biosev's plants were located in São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso do Sul.

The new units have, together, energy cogeneration and an export capacity of 1,316 GWh of electric energy. After the integration of Biosev, Raízen now has 35 bioenergy parks.

Francis Queen, executive vice president of Raízen, a sugar and ethanol producer, states that “The acquisition of Biosev has consolidated Raízen as an integrated energy company and strategic partner in offering complete solutions to its customers, valuing quality and sustainability in your entire business chain”.

According to Francis, the units from Biosev are located in strategic places, thus favoring the competitive expansion of Raízen's business, a producer of sugar and ethanol.

From now on, Biosev ceases to exist and starts to display Raízen's visual identity. Queen says that Biosev's assets represent several scale gains for the company. With this synergy, it was possible to optimize operating, management and capital costs in all of Raízen's processes.

Raízen created a working group with around 200 people so that the integration could be carried out during that time. The group started to act directly in the structure review process, in this way, it was possible to take advantage of the best of each company.

During this period, Raízen carried out more than 270 training sessions focused on new processes and systems. The company's operations team provided 8,000 hours of training with the implementation of a new service permission governance program, thus allowing for the standardization of processes and, as a consequence, reducing accidents.

Queen informs that the company is the result of a joint venture between Shell and Cosan. Thus, it is clear that, due to the expertise of the ethanol and sugar producer, the entire integration process was well structured. Thus, the company planned a complete process, with major communication challenges to assist in this change management.

Raízen has a powerful expansion plan, which values sustainable sources as a way to respond to a possible global need for effective changes in the sector, in order to contain the impacts generated by climate change. This effort includes investing in bioelectricity, biofuels and bioproducts, especially second-generation ethanol and biogas.

About the company

Raízen is an integrated energy company. It is a global reference in bioenergy and protagonists in the energy transition. Raízen is among the largest private business groups in the Brazil, having more than 40 thousand employees and 15 thousand business partners.

The company has a unique operating model and is present in the production and sale of renewable energy and sugar from sugar cane even in taking that energy to various places in the world. The company distributes ethanol and takes energy through Shell Posts.

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