Start Pre-salt discovered in Campos Basin: Petrobras released in official note

Pre-salt discovered in Campos Basin: Petrobras released in official note

August 11, 2017 4:00 am to 4:00 am
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Petrobras announces pre-salt discovery in Marlim

This discovery shows that the Campos Basin still has a lot of production capacity beyond the mature fields. A new era for Rio de Janeiro is beginning

THE Petrobras just announced in official communication vehicles yesterday(10) that it discovered oil in the pre-salt region called Marlim Sul, located in the Campos Basin. Nicknamed as Poraquê Alto, this deposit is about 4,568m deep. The discovery well is besieged 115 km offshore in RJ.

This pronouncement was made at the same time that Petrobras released the results for this quarter, with a lower result of 15% or R$316 million, compared to the previous quarter.

Cheap and profitable discovery

According to Petrobras, the evaluations of the information indicate reservoirs with excellent aspects of porosity and permeability, the oil seems to be of good quality. Petrobras Exploration and Production director Solange Guedes said that the production of this asset is extremely favorable, because unlike the pre-salt in the Santos Basin, the Campos Basin already has all the infrastructure ready in the region, making operations very cheap and profitable.

In the current situation, the Campos Basin is in downward production due to mature fields, but as the state company itself informed, there will be activities to revitalize these fields, check the article here. If compared to 2016, the productivity balance was 6% lower than in the same period in 2017, with 1.352 million against 1.272 million barrels per day.

the turn of the game

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]Cities that live exclusively on oil royalties were literally massacred because of this crisis that hit the entire country. The mayors of these municipalities that form Ompetro met last week to find a solution to this problem., as the decrease in transfers was harming the “public machine”. Now with this new scenario, the recovery of mature fields and the works of the Porto do Barreto about to start, hopes for a recovery in the sector and for those who invested in the oil and gas career were renewed. Sources: Folha, Petrobras and G1

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