Start Porto together with CDF develop company that can earn up to R$ 2 billion

Porto together with CDF develop company that can earn up to R$ 2 billion

May 12, 2022 10:10 pm to 22:10
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Porto and CDF, Digital Assistance and Support, announced on the 12th the creation of a new company providing services in the sector

The alliance created by Porto and CDF, will unite all the operations carried out in the two companies, including the entire service provision area of Porto, an insurance company that has become a reference in services provided to customers, helping from the repair of the customer's shower to The car pickup that had a problem on the road. The company, which is still awaiting approval from CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense), will emerge as one of the largest in the country in terms of services and will have a revenue potential of around R$ 2 billion per year.

The company will also have a large part of the operations of CDF, a company founded in 2007 and inspired by a service delivery model in the United States. The CDF, when created, attracted a private equity fund from BTG Pactual, which in September last year invested R$ 350 million in the business.

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The new company of CDF and Porto is also planning a new creation, Porto Assistence and Participation, which will be 80% owned by Porto and 20% by CDF shareholders.

Company created by Porto and CDF will bring together services performed in both companies

The new company being developed by Porto and CDF, will bring together 100% from the sectors that took care of the assistance and services part of the Porto insurance company. As Marcos Loução, CEO of Porto Seguro Bank points out, the new company will have the potential to have Ebitda (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of R$ 400 million annually and profits of R$ 1.9 billion. He also concludes by saying that the market in which the company is inserted has a lot of growth potential.

The Porto insurance company alone provides, on average, 4.5 million assistance services per year. CDF performs around 1.4 million services and has a base of approximately 9 million customers, the vast majority of which are not even aware that they use CDF's services, since CDF often acts on behalf of partner companies, such as Vivo, Via, Carrefour and Magazine Luiza.

The new company being prepared by Porto and CDF will be led by Eugênio Staub Filho, an executive who is now CEO of CDF and has worked in groups such as Gradiente and the banks Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.

Staub has been with the CDF company since its inception. The company's CEO reports that CDF currently operates in three main areas that complement the operations of the insurance company Porto. The areas that companies work together are; providing technical support to the population, how to configure the Wifi network; Install products such as Smart TVs and refrigerators; And also provide repair services such as locksmithing and maintenance of gas heaters.

Quality of services provided by companies

Porto Assistência currently has 4,200 service providers and 4,400 standard car networks. In addition, the company has more than 2,000 first responders and 1,100 unique vehicles.

In this context, the company provides around 4.5 million services annually, equally distributed between automotive and residential services. “We have an undeniable capillarity, with a wide network of fast and efficient suppliers throughout the country. For customers and policyholders, nothing has changed. We will remain a reference in the work, quality and reliability of Porto's products”, said Loução.

Another characteristic of Porto Assistência insurance is the continuous renaming process so that customers can always use the tools and vehicles that best meet the customers' needs. The company develops equipment based on the experience acquired over the years of operation. Furthermore, since 2008, suppliers have been using electric bicycles to provide services. In 2020, the company won and started the operation of the first electric winch in Brazil.
Currently, the fleet has 50 bicycles, a motorcycle, 5 trucks and 16 vehicles, which together avoided the emission of 35.38 tons of CO2. The company also has extensive experience in emergency care. For example, he pioneered the project to use a watercraft to rescue during floods. This year alone, the company sent teams to special projects to deal with landslides and floods that hit the cities of Minas Gerais, Bahia, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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