Start Porto do Açú will start works: company won a contract to build the logistics condominium

Porto do Açú will start works: company won a contract to build the logistics condominium

May 25, 2017 10:16 am to 10:16 am
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Port of Açú to start works

 The focus is on Porto do Açú after the press announced on the 22nd that the company will hire more than 500 for the works

O Port of Açu once again is in focus. Prumo Logística, which is responsible for development and operation of the hub, signed and publicized in the media a contract with the company TRX, to develop and implement an industrial logistics condominium within the port area of Açú, in São João da Barra. Right off the bat, the amount that will be injected into this project is in the order of $30 million and will generate more than 500 direct opportunities when the works start.

The main objective of this logistics complex that will be built will be to garnish the oil sector suppliers and sub-suppliers, as well as companies working with logistics and machinery operations in the industry.

José Guilherme, who is the manager commercial port of Açú, declared that the logistics condominium will be the starting point to suppress the needs of companies besieged in the industrial hub of the locality, with special attention to companies in the oil and gas sector, due to a latent increase in offshore operations that will move activities there . Guilherme also says that the advantage of building this complex is the possibility of renting an area already ready, which will exempt companies from making expensive investments at the beginning of operations.

TRX's commercial manager said that this venture offers a unique opportunity for investors and potential customers. As the design of these sheds and patios will be built in a modular way, which makes it possible to share services, it will be very advantageous from an economic point of view for the customer who will settle there.

The area of the complex will measure 208,321 square meters and will be 3 minutes away from the port terminals. It will also have a high quality and very wide road for transporting equipment of various sizes. In a statement, Prumo Logística said that the logistics condominium will begin full operations in January 2018, but the construction will start in 2017.

The professionals summoned for the work will be:

  • masons
  • painters
  • plumbers
  • firefighters
  • electricians
  • scaffolders
  • technical
  • engineers
  • drivers and all the professionals that make up a work.

If you want to leave your resume at TRX to try to secure your spot, Click here to apply or send email to

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