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Porto do Açú will be the most important development in Brazil in 2018, says Michel Temer in live video

Paulo Nogueira
27-12-2017 17:27:12
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Processing and export zone

Decree signed by the current president releases the Port of Açu Export Processing Zone at an event in São João da Barra

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]O Port of Açu now more than ever will be the focus of many good future endeavors after he was finally released by decree by President Michel Temer this Wednesday(28). The event was attended by executives from the oil, gas, logistics sector, politicians from the region and ministers. The decree deals with the Export Processing Zone within the Harbor(ZPE). Watch the president's statement below after the decree was signed:


But what are ZEP's and how do they work?

As the name implies, they are places where there is free trade with other countries, aimed at companies that focus on productivity and exports of goods and services. As an industrial resource that worked elsewhere, these Export Processing Zones usually generate jobs, add innovative technologies, make the country more competitive in this type of service, attract new investors from various market segments and generate revenue for significant city to which it is installed and to the Union.

At the beginning of 2014, Prumo Logística took on the project and changed the focus of the enterprise. The idea of the primary creator of the project at the time, Eike Batista, was to install steel mills, OGX shipyards and an electric car assembler, as he was arrested due to Lava Jato operations, none of this was conceived. Nowadays, the main activities of Porto do Açú are focused on transporting ores, transporting oil and supporting vessels and offshore units in the oil and gas industry.

Remembering that the Port of Açu will have an independent thermoelectric plant, the Plumb and British BP signed a contract last week for the construction and marketing of this project, work can start at any time. read the full article.

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