Start Release Press office for the Thermoelectric Works in Porto do Açú

Release Press office for the Thermoelectric Works in Porto do Açú

January 30, 2018 9:53 am to 09:53
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See how to solve the problem of emails coming back if you want to apply for the thermoelectric works in Porto do Açú

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]O Port of Açu along with the Andrade Gutierrez and Siemens will be responsible for the construction of thermoelectric, this will make the port complex independent of the electricity grid, since the gas that is produced in the Campos and Santos basins will be responsible for energizing the system. read the full article here.

But it happens that when the  Prumo Logística and Andrade Gutierrez launched official communications on their portals, including e-mail contacts for receiving CVs and widely publicized by the Click Oil and Gas and in other communication portals, many messages were sent in a massive way to companies, simply the e-mail servers could not handle the high demand for messages, causing them to come back with many error messages. Prumo's press office got in touch with us asking us to rectify some of the terms of the article we made, we took the opportunity to ask what was going on. See the print below:

emails returning to the port of açú

As you noticed in the conversation that the Click Oil and Gas had with the press office of the responsible sector, the excessive number of senders is blocking the messages. But the good news is that the contacts are functional because they are deleting messages from resumes already received. If you've already sent yours and received a confirmation message back, you don't have to and shouldn't send it again. For those who haven't made it yet, keep trying until you can send it. Don't worry because when there is any change or news about the venture, we will let you know exclusively for everyone, so turn on notifications on the site and page.

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