Start Porto do Açu with hotel vacancies in the kitchen area

Porto do Açu with hotel vacancies in the kitchen area

October 9, 2017 10:04 am to 10:04 am
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Requested exclusively to Click Petróleo e Gás, a company located in Porto do Açú, in urgent need of professionals!

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]O Port of Açu gradually gaining notoriety in the Brazilian oil and gas industry and as companies win contracts, they move to this hub offshore and export industrial, consequently the opportunities appear to the same extent. With total and absolute exclusivity, Click Petróleo e Gás received a request from a Human Resources company that is in need of Hospitality professionals to work in the food industry, in São João da Barra, in Porto do Açú. The following are the qualifications and attributions for the positions.


3 years of experience, if it is in industrial kitchen will be a differential. He must also know how to finish dishes and have leadership skills. The salary will be R$1600.00

Kitchen helper

2 years of experience, have a Junior cook profile, preferably experience in industrial kitchen and reside in São João da Barra. The salary will be R$1194.00.


Complete superior, 3 years of experience in the production segment and it will be of great value if the candidates have experience in industrial kitchen, it will be essential to have their own vehicle. The salary will be R$3000.00

Magarife (Meat Cutter)

2 years of experience in the role, must have a cook profile and understand meat cuts (will be tested). The starting salary will be R$1344.00.

Remembering that the activities will take place in Porto do Açú and candidates who pass the selection process will be entitled to a health and dental plan. Fill out the form below putting it in the subject THE NAME OF THE VACANCY. Send only once, the company that will contact you whether the answer is positive or negative. If you want, search on Facebook for the Group São João da Barra, Porto do Açú, economy and jobs, companies in the region post their vacancies directly there as well.

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