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Porto do Açú and Andrade Gutierrez: New information on signings

Paulo Nogueira
06-04-2018 11:06:34
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Councilors of São João da Barra heed popular pressure due to the low number of hirings of residents of the region in Porto do Açú and Andrade Gutierrez

OPortho do açu and construction of its thermoelectric plant, which will be carried out by Andrade Gutierrez and is among the most awaited developments by the state of Rio de Janeiro, either for its potential for the oil and gas production chain or for generating income and employment, especially for the residents of São João da Barra, where the project is already in progress. progress in its initial phase for preparation of the construction site. Speaking of employability, which is the great controversy, some more important data were revealed after popular pressure from residents of the region.

Councilor Alex Firme (PP)

AG reveals some numbers

In response, Andrade Gutierrez revealed that so far, it has an operational contingent of 75 people working in the initial phase of the work. Of these, 26 are residents of São João da Barra and the rest are from abroad. The councilors naturally found these numbers too low and demanded in detail information on the number of vacancies and social responsibility plans with the municipality. AG emphasizes that the works are in the stage of preparation of land and construction site, when the thermoelectric plant begins to “be actually built”, the residents of the region will be hired yes, as long as they have the necessary qualifications and attributions for the demands of the enterprise .

If you want more detailed information about e-mails, number of vacancies and how to apply for the works, access the article about when Prumo and Andrade Gutierrez revealed the contracts and the potential of the works here. There are also comments from a group that is doing integration and photos of when the bus arrived with workers from out of town.

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