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Porto do Açú back in the game: Chinese businessmen will invest heavily in São João da Barra

Paulo Nogueira
02-07-2017 10:49:15
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Chinese at the port of Açu

Chinese delegation visited Porto do Açú this week and intend to install many companies in the region

About 20 Chinese executives were at the Port of Açu on Friday (20/06) to visit the complex port of São João da Barra-RJ. The purpose was to verify how important in terms of infrastructure and logistics the port would provide for business with China, and I assure my friends, the impression was the best possible.

The president of Prumo Logística, José Magela, is very happy and excited because China is a powerful investor and will bring a lot of business, heating up the economy and generating many opportunities for the region.

Magela also reinforces that the Port of Açú is one of the few in Brazil that has the capacity to become the largest Chinese port in the country, due to being located in a privileged region, with a lot of availability in territorial terms and which allows for vessels of monstrous size.

What types of business

The main focus will be on the movement of different types of cargo such as oil, solid bulk, grains, ore, among others. But the main highlight is an investment that foresees the construction of an Export Processing Zone (ZPE), which will be exclusively destined to the productivity systems of export companies. This business will not only impact São João da Barra, Rio de Janeiro or Brazil, it will impact all countries that encompass the Americas. Look at people, we are talking about a flow system in Brazil for Chinese trade, the economic impacts of an undertaking of this magnitude is simply surreal.Chinese Ambassador and Magela at the Port of Açu

China's ambassador to Brazil, Li Jinzhang, who was accompanying the delegation through the port, said that he and his compatriots were amazed by the complex's structure, and that the future is promising for both nations.

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