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Port of Imbetiba in Macaé will have logistics operations for another 3 years

Paulo Nogueira
12-08-2017 07:01:36
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Petrobras will maintain operations in Macaé

Petrobras has extended the contract for offshore operations and port services at the port of Macaé, offering a breath of relief in the city

[supsystic-social-sharing id='1′]The municipality of Macaé just bought some time to adapt to the changes. It turns out that CPVV (Port Company Vila Velha) has just won the contract bid for port and offshore operations at Petrobras, in the Port of Imbetiba in the city. For another 3 years, the company will maintain the logistics and offshore activities in the port.

Until the next three years and with the contract valid from December of this year, CPVV presented the best offers, beating Triunfo Logística and Nitshore, which were also within the requirements of the state-owned company to compete in the bid. The company's contractual activities consist of loading and unloading vessels, support for the supply of diesel oil and water and cargo handling services.

With a contract expiring in November 2017 and starting in 2013 (4 years), CPVV once again remains as a reference in port logistics in the region, maintaining the agreement of R$ 390 million contract. The main scope of its operations is to serve the platforms and rigs located in the Campos Basin, to which Brasil Port, of the Edison Chouest group also shares this task, but operating from the Port of Açú.

Macaé's future

Tremendously shaken by the crisis in the oil and gas sector, as the city together with other municipalities in the region they live in short on resources from oil, this news raises the city's morale a little. As much as the Port of Açú is monstrous and has the capacity to accommodate dozens of vessels, all the technological and operational infrastructure is still in Macaé, making Petrobras think from an economic point of view, for at least the next 3 years. Coincidence or not, this news matches the Discovery of PRE-SALT IN THE CAMPOS BASIN and the Revitalization of mature fields in the strategic plan of the state-owned company, which enhances and makes even more evident the resumption of the sector in the oil producing regions in Rio de Janeiro.

It is now enough for city managers to invest in other sources of cash inflows in the city, such as industry, agriculture or tourism, so that the NATIONAL PETROLEUM CAPITAL is not a slave to oil and gas resources forever.

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