Poll: Possible solutions to lower fuel prices practiced by Petrobras

Paulo Nogueira
01-05-2022 12:29:23
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With successive increases in gasoline, diesel and natural gas in recent weeks in Brazil, many have blamed Petrobras and the federal government for high fuel prices.

Brazilian consumers will be able to vote and express their opinion on possible solutions to lower fuel prices practiced by Petrobras and other oil companies. The poll launched on Twitter this Sunday (01) will last for 7 days and addresses the main questions regarding this topic, follow the poll below:

Second Brazilian Institute of Oil and Gas (IBP), the world is experiencing a cyclical imbalance between supply and demand for energy caused by the economic recovery after a period of low activity imposed by COVID-19 and the conflict in Ukraine. In Brazil, in particular, the volatility and increase in international prices are still amplified by the exchange rate and complex tax logic. See the average of gasoline prices by state in the table provided by the ANP below:

stateAverage Gasoline ValueMaximum value
AcreR$ 7.54R$ 7.90
alagoasR$ 7.24R$ 8.09
amapáR$ 6.27R$ 6.58
amazonR$ 7.34R$ 7.99
BahiaR$ 7.52R$ 8.20
CearáR$ 7.64R$ 8.20
Federal DistrictR$ 7.41R$ 7.79
Holy SpiritR$ 7.38R$ 7.74
GoiásR$ 7.45R$ 7.99
maranhãoR$ 7.34R$ 8.39
Mato GrossoR$ 7.05R$ 7.85
Mato Grosso do SulR$ 7.03R$ 7.79
Minas GeraisR$ 7.53R$ 8.19
ForR$ 7.45R$ 8.10
ParaíbaR$ 7.03R$ 7.59
ParanáR$ 7.26R$ 8.29
PernambucoR$ 7.29R$ 8.29
PiauíR$ 7.99R$ 8.29
Rio de JaneiroR$ 7.73R$ 8.39
large northern riverR$ 7.92R$ 7.99
Rio Grande do SulR$ 6.97R$ 7.99
RondoniaR$ 7.42R$ 7.79
RoraimaR$ 7.10R$ 7.15
Santa CatarinaR$ 7.16R$ 7.72
Sao PauloR$ 6.86R$ 8.29
SergipeR$ 7.40R$ 7.88
TocantinsR$ 7.46R$ 7.79
Source: ANP

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