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Platforms and rigs with vacancies available through consultancy

Paulo Nogueira
18-04-2017 00:59:17
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Renowned offshore human resources consultancy opened up opportunities for rigs and platforms

As one of the most highly rated consultancies for offshore companies, it opened its marathon of hiring for platforms and rigs.

One renowned company consultancy with recognized reputation in recruitment for companies in the field offshore, naval, industrial and commercial in all segments of the market. on your channels official recruitment, it announced today (04/17/2017) exclusive vacancies for professionals in the oil and gas sector. Opportunities are to work in offshore rigs and platforms.

But what are the vacancies and what is the company?

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Positions are for Engineer Officers, Chief Engineers, Maintenance Supervisors, Machine Mechanics, Rig Mechanics, Electronics and Captains. For all these positions, 5 years of experience are required.

If you have training in these professions and courses inherent to the positions mentioned above, send your resume to alessandrapacificrh@outlook.com. Remember to put the job title in the title of the message.

Function of the positions mentioned above

Among the duties of a machinery officer, the responsibility for the control and maintenance of ships' electro-electronic, mechanical and propulsion systems are fundamental concepts in this professional's career.

A Chief Engineer has the same function as an officer, but the difference is that he is responsible for his entire contingent and is normally an engineer.

A maintenance supervisor obviously oversees corrective and preventative maintenance activities on all types of systems and makes projections to discover any operational or functional problems according to the nature of the activity.

A machine and probe mechanic has the primary function of maintaining and correcting industrial systems, judging if they are working in accordance with the company's operational and safety standards.

In an electronic professional makes projects, performs assembly, have skills to correct and prevent defects in electronic systems, developing circuits or changing them in all stages of productivity, including industrial automation concepts.


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