Start Pirelli is hiring Production Operators

Pirelli is hiring Production Operators

April 19, 2018 9:45 am to 09:45 am
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To work on its production line, Pirelli offers many benefits to those who fulfill the requirements for the position.

THE Pirelli has some vacancies to work in the municipality of Gravataí as a production operator, for which it has one of its operational centers. Stay tuned for the requirements and benefits for the position, which are actually quite modest, the highlight is the benefits, which are many.

If you, PRO METAL has opened vacancies for IT Technician, Maintenance Electrician, Maintenance Mechanic, Development and Process Engineer, Toolmaker, PCP Programmer and Cost/Budget Analyst, then you can check the article here and apply.

Requirements and Benefits

Applicants must have completed high school, be available to work rotating shifts, and be willing to travel. Benefits include a Health Plan, Dental Plan, Canteen on the job, profit sharing, chartered transport on comprehensive routes, pharmacy assistance and life insurance. Remembering that these vacancies cover people with special needs as well.

To apply, send an email to, informing the name of the function and the city from which you are sending your resume. Remembering that the Ecovix shipyard is almost finalizing its request for judicial recovery and the company's director says that he intends to hire about 1000 people when activities are resumed, check the article in full.

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