PETRONAS and BRASILCOM announce a partnership to expand the sale of lubricants with the objective of reaching all Brazilian states

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26-04-2022 08:12:00
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PETRONAS further consolidates its position in the Brazilian market with an unprecedented partnership with BRASILCOM

PETRONAS and BRASILCOM have entered into a partnership that has everything to succeed. One of the biggest brands of lubricants operating in Brazil joins with the biggest association of fuel distributors, creating a considerable logistic expansion for PETRONAS products.

Check out more information about this partnership and the future it can bring, as well as other interesting details about PETRONAS and BRASILCOM.

What does this partnership between PETRONAS and BRASILCOM mean?

The partnership between PETRONAS and BRASILCOM will allow the distribution of these superior quality lubricants by one of the largest distribution networks in Brazil, with the main objective of serving all Brazilian states with quality and increasingly competitive prices.

The partnership will allow many more gas stations, workshops, industries and other businesses to have access to these products, and the trade will be brokered between PETRONAS distributors and BRASILCOM distributors, always aiming at maximum price competitiveness.

“This strategic partnership comes to spread even more the PETRONAS brand in the Brazilian market and take quality, performance and state-of-the-art technology products to all regions”, says Rogério Lüdorf, CEO of the company in Brazil.

“This collaboration increases the benefits to consumers, stimulates healthy competition in the market and adds value to the business of fuel distributors”, says the president of BRASILCOM, Maurício Rejaile.

For the executive vice president of BRASILCOM, Abel Leitão, the agreement allows the associates to expand the range of products offered to the market with the strength of an eight-time Formula 1 champion brand. market demand for premium lubricants.”

What is PETRONAS' position in Brazil at the moment?

PETRONAS Lubricants do Brasil has been producing and selling PETRONAS Lubricants for Brazil and Latin America. 

With its factory located in Contagem, Minas Gerais, with the company's original logistics network, represented by its authorized distributors, covering the south-southeast of Brazil, being expanded with this partnership, which enhances the commercialization of PETRONAS products especially in the Midwest and others. Southeast states not yet reached, such as Rio de Janeiro.

An interesting detail about is the association that the brand has with Formula 1, which ends up becoming an interesting differential for those who consume its products, but you know that what is going to your car has been tested on the tracks of the fiercest automobile competition in the world. world.

Furthermore, it is important to point out that PETRONAS does not only work with lubricants for automobiles, as in addition to the entire line for light vehicles, motorcycles and trucks, the company also has a line of lubricants for the industry.

Several very important segments for Brazil's economy such as energy, sugar production, steel, mining and pulp and paper will also have the option of PETRONAS products with this new partnership being closed.

PETRONAS has a stake in the Mercedes Formula 1 team, which increases the credibility of its products. Image source Bolavip Brasil

Who is BRASILCOM? What's your story?

BRASILCOM is an association of several distributors' unions that have great importance for the market and for the struggle that took place for free competition in the distribution of petroleum by-products.

In addition to its historic role in releasing the market for product distribution, BRASILCOM has been enabling strategies such as the closed partnership with PETRONAS 

Always defending free trade within the fuel market, BRASILCOM, with this partnership, continues to make its history prevail and giving Brazilian consumers the option of choice when it comes to fuel, natural gas, biofuels and associated products such as lubricants.

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