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Petrobras releases tender for maintenance of 5 pre-salt platforms

Paulo Nogueira
26-02-2018 07:44:10
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5 platforms, they are: P-66, P-67, P-68, P-69 and P-70

Already anticipating scheduled maintenance of its FPSO fleet, Petrobras opens competition for platforms that will enter operations between 2018 and 2019

THE Petrobras last week launched another wave of tenders to maintain its fleet of FPSO's that will operate in the pre-salt in the Santos Basin between this year and next year. So far, the bidding covers 5 platforms, they are: P-66, P-67, P-68, P-69 and P-70. Of these, only P-66 is in operation in the Lula Sul Field, the others are scheduled to start activities between 2018 and 2019. Remembering that the units belong to Petrobras.

There are rumors that say that the state-owned company decided to advance these bids to escape the new guidelines for contracting renewed models, according to the State-owned Law (13,303) which until the end of the first semester, will be mandatory for all government companies. Petrobras was contacted by press offices to clarify the veracity of the information, which it naturally denied. See the press release below:

“Compliance with good maintenance practices from the beginning of operations is one of the operational requirements in E&P facilities, so there is no motivation as a result of legislation, but rather meeting operational demand,” the company said via press office.

The State-owned company emphasized that the design of this plan aims to maximize gains in a gradual way and converting into more platform contracts, mainly because these units that are necessary for these operations are similar. The Santos Basin Operational Unit (UO-BS) is responsible for this tender and there are still two more that Petrobras is promoting, UO-Rio and UO-BC, which are also for maintenance of offshore units.

A real operations campaigns are being prepared in 2018, even with some mobility in the market in this regard, experts say that it will be in 2019 that the market will launch a real explosion of opportunities, with many drilling campaigns and a lot of foreign investments in the country. Some seismic campaigns are already underway and others are in the environmental release phase. Get ready and study, because "luck is the effect of preparation found opportunity".

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