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Petrobras receives proposal from Ouro Preto on the Campos Basin

Paulo Nogueira
26-07-2018 10:15:09
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Another Black Oil and Gas Another Negro Oleo e Gas submits the best proposal for the acquisition of the Enchova and Pampo hubs.

Petrobras receives a proposal from Ouro Preto to sell two poles in the Campos Basin. Enchova and Pampo centers received the best proposals.

Ouro Preto Oil and Gas (from businessman Rodolfo Landim) provided the best proposal for the acquisition of the two poles in the Campos Basin (Enchova and Pampo). However, so far, no exclusivity agreement has been closed, but only the invitation to participate in the contract negotiation phase has been confirmed. Ouro Negro, in a note, highlights that there is no decision regarding the final conditions and terms regarding the divestment process.

Ouro Preto

Ouro Preto Óleo e Gás is a Brazilian company created in 2010 whose mission is to be an integrated energy company, focused on oil and natural gas exploration and production activities. With a highly qualified team made up of geologists, geophysicists and engineers, the Company focuses on identifying exploratory opportunities in the blocks put up for bid by the ANP – National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels. At the same time, Ouro Preto is also evaluating the possibility of acquiring assets through farm-in operations (partial or total acquisitions of concession rights held by a company).

fields for sale

In 2017, state-owned Petrobras put areas for sale in the Campos, Potiguar, Santos and Ceará basins, closing a total of 30 fields. With the objective of reaching up to US$ 21 billion, these sales are part of the company's Divestments and Partnerships program. Containing ten fields, together, Pampo and Enchova, have some that do not produce. It is worth noting that both have an integrated system and that these sales represent opportunities for revitalization for Petrobras, contemplating the recovery of wells and exploration of reservoirs that have not yet been developed.

Polo Pampo

Contemplating the fields of Trilha, Badejo, Linguado and Pampo, the pole is, almost in its entirety, paralyzed. In a way, only Pampo manages to produce approximately (average) 9.3 barrels per day. That brand just this year. On the other hand, 13 barrels a day are registered in Sole. A reservoir called Siri by Petrobras can, according to the state-owned company, raise production in the Badejo field. New wells can be connected in Linguado, Pampo and Trilha.

Pole Enchova

Two years ago, in 2016, the Polo Enchova produced almost double the production of 16,800 barrels per day in 2018 (until the fifth month of the year). This pole includes the fields of Piraúna, Enchova Oeste, Bonito, Bicudo, Enchova and Marimbá. In this Hub, Marimbá is recognized as the main asset producing 13,600 barrels per day. There was interruption of Piraúna and Bicudo

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