Start Petrobras will produce 6 more platforms in 2018

Petrobras will produce 6 more platforms in 2018

April 24, 2018 11:00 am to 11:00 am
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After Petrobras managed to get the P-74 operational in the Búzios Field on the 20th, others will come into operation by the end of 2018

THE Petrobras managed to start operational on the FPSO P-74 and starts producing at full steam in the Búzios Field in this area that was a precursor to an expensive session. In addition to this unit, 6 more are planned to be fully operational and also ready to produce, which are actually quite relevant numbers, considering the last few years without a projection of investments of this level due to the economic recession. Below, check out the units that will complete the fleet in 2018:

first semester

With the P-74 already in operation, Petrobras informs that the FPSO Campos dos Goytacazes is also scheduled to come into operation before July, they are waiting for Ibama to release the environmental license once and for all so that the state-owned company can operate the unit. for production in the Tartaruga Verde field, located in the Campos Basin. It is worth remembering that Petrobras is selling a part of this exploration block to foreigners, which had already been foreseen in the state-owned divestment plans.

Second half

In the second half of the year, the production platforms that will be ready will be:

  •  P-67 destined for the Lula Norte Field
  • P-68 destined for Campo de Berbigão
  • P-69 destined for the Lula Sul Field
  • P-75 Destined to Campo de Buzios 2
  • P-76 Destined to Campo de Búzios 3

Together, these platforms that have yet to enter the fleet would reach the sum of 750,000 barrels of oil daily. When they join the fleet of the two units in the first half of the year, the installed capacity will reach an incredible 1 million barrels per day or more.

Would you like to work in FPSO?

Amazingly, the Brazilian market has a good fleet of Floating Production Units in operations in Brazil and a good part of them are from Petrobras or chartered by the state company, so if you want or dream of working in this modality, it will be necessary to pass the tenders of the state-owned company and we can guarantee that many of these tenders are to come in the coming years. If you don't want to apply for contests or just don't have the patience to wait for it to come out, read the article in which we teach you all the definitive steps to increase your chances of entering this sector.

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