Start Petrobras contracts Chinese shipyard to build the P-71 hull

Petrobras contracts Chinese shipyard to build the P-71 hull

March 3, 2018 7:31 am to 7:31 am
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The integration will take place at the Brazilian shipyard Jurong Aracruz, in Espírito Santo. Petrobras announces that the works have already started

THE Petrobras contracted the Chinese shipyard, CIMC Raffles, to convert the hull of the FPSO P-71 platform, whose destination will be for production in the Sururu field, in the Santos Basin, which is not even included in the exploration and production plans. The bidding competition had already been made last year (2017) and is already being played at the Chinese shipyard. The good side of the story is that at least the integration will take place on Brazilian land, at the Jurong Aracruz shipyard, in Espírito Santo.

At the beginning of the project, hull destined for this unit was requested by Petrobras from Ecovix, which at the time ended up winning the bid to produce 8 hulls for pre-salt replicating FPOS's, but due to issues of financial imbalance and some of its shareholders under investigation and arrested by Lava-Jato, the state ended up aborting this contract, causing it to fall for earth the hulls already built. Ecovix was forced to sell the finished hulls as scrap.

The Sururu asset was won by Petrobras in the 3rd round of bids promoted by the ANP, which is part of the BM-S-11 exploration block. Both areas in the North of Sururu and in the South of Sururu were declared to be fully commercial and are part of the state-owned company's onerous system. In November 2017, when the bidding was taking place far from Brazilian lands, Ecovix tried to make an agreement with Petrobras to try to resume activities and works at the shipyard arising from this contract in Rio Grande-RS. The proposal did not please Petrobras and kept the international tender.

Petrobras can use the anticipation system to put the P-71 into operation at once, simply by making it more flexible and inserting this unit into its current strategic business plan, in line with operations in China. All modules are ready, just missing the integration that is already contracted to take place at the Jurong Shipyard

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