Start Petrobras closes an agreement with a French renewable energy multinational.

Petrobras closes an agreement with a French renewable energy multinational.

July 10, 2018 2:22 pm to 2:22 pm
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Petrobras, Total and Total Eren have just closed an agreement to develop renewable solar and wind energy onshore in Brazil.

As expected, Petrobras continues to advance in the renewable energy solar and wind power in Brazil, for this, it has just signed a memorandum that seals the partnership with Total and Total Eren for the development of onshore renewable energy. The statement came out today, July 10, 2018, but we at Click Petróleo e Gás were already monitoring the entire process between the State-owned companies. It is important to remember that many multinational companies are willing to invest in this segment in our country, as shown in one of our posts. To learn more about these companies, click HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE.

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Petrobras' initial proposal is to develop a high-level project with low investment and guarantee the Brazilian energy standard. Total Eren is a specialist in this segment, so, strategically, with this partnership, Petrobras is sure that the project will be successful. This partnership has paid off, as the Brazilian State has four wind farms and already has 104 megawatts available.

Positive results of the Petrobras and Total Eren partnership.

Since February 2017, the year in which the two companies have been working together, the results have been satisfactory, Total has been carrying out operations in the area of exploration and production in the Brazilian Oil Basin and has provided technologies to optimize time and investment. With this partnership, the certainty of investment in Brazil will have positive results.

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Currently in Brazil this technology is still new, but we know that in the near future it will be present in society and will be one of the main sources of energy worldwide. The professional who wants to work in the renewable energy sector, stay tuned for our posts, because soon we will be preparing a special article talking about the qualifications, courses and training necessary to work in the field.

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